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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

about me

Hello there,

My name is Lorraine and I'm 36yrs of age. I have 2 children.

How I got started crafting

I have always worked as a carer working my way up the career ladder in the Field of learning disabilities to care coordinator manager. it was while on maternity leave with my first son that i came across an open day at the local university, I attended and applied to do my Nursing training.
After 3 yrs of training and a second pregnancy I became qualified at the end of 2009. It had always been my dream to nurse. But in the March of 2010 I started to get symptoms of  extreme dizziness and felt like I was walking on a boat all the time. Then in the June of 2010 while on a day trip out with my partner and children the wobbly unsteady feeling became worse, so we headed home a little earlier than usual, on way home i became slumped and unable to speak my face had drooped. i was rushed into hospital with fears of a stroke. the current hospital was unable to make sense of it as i had not had a brain bleed as with normal stroke attacks. i continued to have the episodes frequently, with the medical team saying i made them up. i was paralysed down one side unable to lift leg or arm. It took a large episode for my partner to take me to a different hospital after the paramedics refused to take me saying the hospital said i was a waste of money. while attended this hospital it became clear that i had a very rare Brain disease called CEREBRAL VASCIO-SPASTIC SYNDROME. Which means i get a small clot or narrowing of the veins/arteries to the brain which cause stroke like symptoms without the bleed. after 26 strokes in the 2 yrs i was told i was to much of a risk for me to work. I spiralled back into depression rapidly, i have not self esteem or confidence, the pressure this cause on family life, and my relationship was extreme that my partner left feeling he had caused the problems as i confided my self to the bedroom and didn't talk or want to be around anyone. At the time i became very good friends with a neighbour who also had health problems and was unable to work, who crafted to keep her self busy and from going mad. she had on many occasions tried to involve me. i felt i was no good and was scared to try it. but after moving back to my home town and deciding i needed a hobby, i taught my self to crochet. Nadine again asked mentioned about me making cards. so i gave it a go, i realised just how relaxing it was and was introduced to a wonderful craft den who have been an inspiration and a wealth of advice to help me begin my crafting journey. which i would like to take you on, so u can see my progress as i develop new skills and master new arts. 

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