Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and chill for a while..
AHHHHHHHHH thats better

My weight loss journey

Well this is me standing at 16st 10.5lbs.

Week 1
I have loved the week of beautiful cooking and meals. I am drink plenty of water which is a first for me as i am addicted to my coffee and coke, drinking a staggering 14 cups of coffee and about 1-2 litres of pepsi max. lets hope the scales are good to me on weigh in day.

Weigh in day

Well very unhappy as I have been so good and followed the plan 100% but managed to put on 3 1/2 pounds, causing my current weight to now be 17st.
Lets not lose hope as I have just had my first period in 7 yrs, so think this could be the cause, let's see what this week brings.

Week 2
Day 1
Feeling very low and tired today, but started this morning with homemade muesli, made with 1/2 cup porridge oats, raspberries, blueberries, and few nuts and seeds. Yum.
OPPPPSSSS falling of the wagon a bit. Chicken wrap for lunch. And KFC for dinner, tomorrow is a new day.

Day 4
still bleeding heavy so having to rest when I can still, but not feeling as drained, needless to say I have not cooked much this week, I have dragged out the slow cook, and made a huge stew so enough for 2 days which my boys enjoy too. well one of them any how. and tonight was chicken curry made from scratch.
made the decision that I will be joining slimming world Monday morning
here are some before photo's

  WEEK 2 -
 I DID IT I braved the scales and had my first weigh in, on the positive side I have managed to lose 5lb already so first weigh in was at 16st 9lb
shopping all done, and cupboards fully stocked. had a bit of a slip today and gave into fish and chips:(
I would say it was cause we had been at the dentist, it was late, and we were all hungry but they are just excuses. I so need to work more on my will power. Tomorrow I will definitely not let my will power to get the best of me, I am taking my sons and his friend who is sadly moving away to stay and play and for mac Donald before his big move to Scotland at the weekend, I CAN go in and have a coffee of diet coke and come home and cook my own.. I think the key tomorrow is preparation, to all I have to do it cook it.

 very bad week i have gained 1.5 lbs this week, but i have yet another period. and my bad tooth has been really hurting so not been eating properly. having lots of porridge and caffines.. but on to next week with positive vibes

week 4 well with week 3 ending in a gain, i am motivated for this to work. so i am here sat with a grilled chicken salad, and mullerlight and fruit for desert, teamed with a pint of water. need to start back to basics. also booked in a swimming session for weds with my big sis. well week for started with a bash, didn't manage the swim due to mother nature.. but instead we went walking and boy did my calves burn. so must had done some cardio was sweaty and slightly breathless, probably from to much nattering.. he he.. as i say food went well, with Lancashire hot pot, beef noodle stir fry, shepherds pies etc.. then my tooth decided to play up.. and i mean badly, i was sweating feeling faint pacing, climbing the walls and was so so sick.. so just plenty of fluids for the weekend, so was pleasantly shocked at this weeks weigh in and lost 2lb so that's 5.5lb now..

So week 5 beginnings as a single lady as i split with my partner my youngest dad yesterday, but im not worried this week is about removing the negativity from my life and having just the positive, so spent today networking and have another potential customer to my new business venture, ordered 3 more Xmas presents, took the boys to stay and play while i chilled with a skinny latte and my book.. now snuggles with boys before bed, followed by a nice soak in the bath.. :) bring on the week, and hopefully having tooth out tomorrow... Well didn't get my tooth taken out :( as now got an infection in the gum, so 5 days antibiotics then booked in for Tuesday to have tooth out.. well today is not Thursday and had a bit or a roller coaster week so far, eating has been up and down depending on tooth pain levels. also had a big order for a wedding come in beginning of this week, but after not receiving the deposit as planned I contacted the person in question as i had noticed she was asking other companies in plain sight to make my designs for her.. miffed it not the word, as yes i may have jumped the gun, but ordered all the materials last night.. i just feel that when i am feeling up beat someone or something comes along a knocks me straight back down the black hole.. oh well lets get the rope ladder out and start trying to climb it again, i see the light but im not quite there yet. well week 5 ended in a small gain of 1lb but i am very happy with that.

week 6
 has been very up an down week in regards to everything, the light at the hole im in now feels further away, as i take 3 steps feel i am pulled back another two steps. but hey at least it is not 4 steps back i am still one step more on that ladder than i was before, so this week, i have had my tooth pulled out, and bleed for 36 hrs, so eating was not great as i could barely drink as it kept bleeding each time i tried, then my youngest had his first hydrotherapy session, which ending him being in more pain than normal, as i finally get him settled and sorted to sleep my other one wakes screaming with toothache, in the tooth he has filled only 2 weeks ago. so Thursday ended at the dentist first thing, to be told oh its just a deep filling hmmmmmm well cant be that deep as they never even drilled it, just cleaned and filled it, then said we will give him a course of antibiotics, oh so he has an infection in, the dentist no, so why are they giving him antibiotics?? and low and behold, 3 days of antibiotics, pain is better and swelling reduce.. think dentist told porky about infection, from the dentist then it was a mad rush to my hospital appointment for neurologist as the numbness, and flashing lights and pain in left eye and side of face is getting worse as is my balance, what a waste of time, only in there 5 mins, to be told, nothing wrong if the symptoms continue go back to the stroke team.. then to top the week off, Friday i came home from the school run, to find my ex had left a carrier back of ibuprofen, and steroids where he left them i still don't know, but anyway the puppy who is 5mths old had eaten all 96 ibuprofen and 14 steroids, having collapse by the time he got to the vet, i honestly thought that was the last time seeing him.. heart broken and trying to hold it together for my children, i had to prepare them for worst, but thank the lord, after amazing work from the vets he pulled through and is back home with us, but now looks like not for long as the ex is taking him away form the family home :( but atleast i ended this week with a 1lb loss.

week 7
well i am ready for this, this week has to be better than last week. the ex is trying so hard to cause problems and make me crumble but it just is not working as i am refusing to let him get to me. i am just smiling saying, yes that's fine to what ever he throws at me, and i have to say it is working as he now don't know what to do and many of the things he has tried is now back firing :) he he. Like i want Luke for Xmas, OK that's fine i will have him boxing day and next yr we will swap round, i want the dog back, ok he has a check up on Wednesday, so will be ready to collect at 12 o'clock, i want to be informed of everything that regards Luke, so i text'd him every time he woke in the night in pain, text what he ate, lol. as i say if you want to play games, don't underestimate the power of your opponent. i have de clutter 3 rooms in the house so far, and feeling positive about it, that light at the top of the ladder is getting bigger.

what a week, lots going on, customer orders, school bits, birthday parties, i really could just go arghhhhhhhhhhh.. but i will do that later into my pillow.. he he he
anyway after a hectic week i have managed to put on 1lb.. not quite sure how, but think it is because i am not eating properly..

week 9
well this week has been hell.. th ex has taken the puppy and sold him, my 2 boys are so upset, but i am trying to keep them focused on all the right things.. but this is proving to be very hard on the eldest who has Aspergers. and does not cope with change at all.. so after a week of school holidays and little man in so much pain that he is teraing his skin and a pup who seems to have demolished my house i am back on that ladder but seem to be further down then i was.. but i am still on the ladder is the main thing, and getting back to the top is the aim.. so after all that said i am back to my orginally starting weight of 16st.10.5lb.

Week 10..
i can do this.. i may have to make some adjustments this week, as money is very tight, but hope to stay on the ladder and hope to get up another rung or 2.. fingers crossed for next weigh in. :)


  1. Well done on the 5lbs loss!!! That's fantastic!! And think of it this way, even with the 1.5lbs gain, you're still lighter than you were when you started this journey! I hope you're feeling better this week and ready to kick ass in week 4! Have you tried freezing your mullerlight? I love the banana custard one, stick it in the freezer a few hours before you're going to eat it and literally have a 'frozen yogurt'! You can feel like you're having a naughty ice cream but safe in the knowledge its syn free! You can do this!!! I'm with you! (i had a crappy couple of weeks resulting in an 8lb gain!!!!!! so I'm back to basics in the morning too!) we've got this! Just think, 12 weeks or so to Christmas - you could have your first stone by then! what a great present to yourself! hugs mo xxx

  2. Oooh! tooth pain sounds bad! hope the dentist can get it sorted for you! well done on the 2lbs lost! That's great going! sorry to hear about your split, but like you said, get rid of the negativity and surround yourself with love and the positive. Have a great week! mo xxx